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Go to her only if you want flawless skin, and are willing to work for it. As an added bonus, she is quite wise and such a lovely person. THANK YOU MIRSADA, FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!

Jenny B.

Mirsada is a miracle worker, go to her if you have Acne prone skin. Follow her regimen, it will really work. She cured me! She truly knows the secret of the bees.

Cara O.

I love Mirsada, her products are top grade. She knows what she is doing. I've been to other salons, but no one can heal Acne like she can.

Jin S.

I had suffered from Acne since I was 18, after I went to see Elvis for my first facial, my skin feels and looks so much better. The products are great and they work, everything is natural and that's what I love about it.

Luis. V

After visiting her twice, my face was totally cleared up, for the first time in ten years. She did what my dermatologist was never able to do...and I'm convinced that it's because she actually cares.

Angela C.

Elvis Showed me a different approach on Acne. He has extremely gentle hand.Extractions are so gentle and 100% effective, everything else in the facial is just genius.


Hands down, the best facial I've had. Mirsada spent two full hours working with me, and the results were great! She was very knowledgeable and gave me ideas for a better skincare regimen all throughout the facial.

Nicholas E.

Every Morning I wake up and look in the mirror I thank Elvis, I am literally so grateful to him, he saved my skin.

Bianca D.

Mirsada's skin care can be summed up in one word: amazing. I've had plenty of facials over the years but none compare to the one I got from her.


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Get six regular acne treatments pay in advance for 5 treatments and get the 6th treatment for Free. Treatments can not be done more then one week apart, you also need to get  a consultation.

Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment, it includes Micro Dermabrasion treatment, Beta Ex peel, European Facial with extraction, herbal mask and you will be treated with all of our products. Our regular price is $380 and now its on Special for $280($100 savings). This treatments is recommended for all skin types at least every  three months, unless you maintain your skin with monthly  regular facials. It is very important to prepare your skin before any Laser or Fraxel treatment and get a deep pore cleansing treatment to clean all dead skin cells, trapped oil and your congestion. Your face will glow and you will have so much more positive energy after your pores can breath again! You have never felt this clean before!

Take advantage of our  specials, Ultimate Deep Pore  Treatment is one of my favorite  facial treatments, you have never had your skin cleaned this way before. You will feel lighter with so much more positive energy. Your skin will be smooth and your pores will be able to breathe again after the congestion caused by piles of dead skin cells is removed in the most natural way!

Get rid of your acne or just experience how great it feels to have your skin really clean! Make  your appointment today and see the difference it will make for your skin! Call us at 415.707.9370 and make your appointment today!

I personally get a facial every  month. From some people I get compliments that I look 29 and in reality I am almost 38. Did you know that every 24 to 28 days your skin has turn over? Do you know what that means?

Every 24 to 28 days new skin cells push the old skin cells to the top of your face. Month after month your dead skin cells keeps piling up covering your face, clogging your pores with dirt, oil and dead skin, this gives you irritating feeling without even knowing why.

Imagine having a cold and being  congested for months or years and doing nothing about it, well this is what you are doing to the pores of your face. So in reality your skin is like a dirty car window you just can’t see it. How does your car window looks after you clean it? Why not do the same to the person you see in the mirror every day!

After our skin treatment your face will glow, your face will look brighter, your skin will feel alive. Then after you use our Miracle Scrub the next morning your skin will dance with all those Antioxidants refreshing your face, cleaning trapped oil, dirt and dead skin cells from your face. For me it is like a spiritual experience every day when i wash my face with Miracle Scrub. It will revive your skin morning after morning leaving you with extra positive energy to start your new day.

I will keep an extra mirror so you can see all the dead skin cells that will be polished away in the most natural way, it is harmless and painless treatment. You will be disgusted and say did i had all that dead skin on my face, but most of all you will be revived with a new feeling and new clean face that you never new before. You will have a feeling like some extra weight was taken off your shoulders and it was, your pores need to breath so why not let them breath.

I love what I do and I recommend this treatment to anyone. I hope you can take some time for the most important person you see in the mirror every day, your face.

Cheers! Stay healthy, exercise, shop at farmers market, eat organic food, drink plenty of alkaline water. Do not forget to smile and do something good for your self and others you love in your life every day, if you won’t then who will?

Eat less meat and when you do make sure it’s organic. You are what you eat, see documentaries  food inc and seeds of death on you tube,  it will be like a wake up call for a new beginning. Google alkaline food vs acidic food, did you know that healthy diet should be 70% alkaline and only 30% acidic? Google goat milk vs cow milk and see the benefits of goat milk.

I recommend summer hill goat milk( warm it up add some cinnamon and raw honey for better taste or if you like turmeric even better) and do not forget the wonders of real tea, white tea, hibiscus tea, fresh mint leaves, chamomile. Avocados, avocados yes have one per day, it’s so good for your health and your skin. Eat as many raw vegetables and fresh fruits as you can. If you have Acne avoid mangoes, cherries and shrimp. I highly recommend gluten free oat meal available at Real Foods, Rainbow or Whole Foods.

And if any how possible on your day off, get away from the city noise, rush and relax your body, mind and soul in nature. Disconnect your self from all that artificial  stuff around us and let the nature heal you. Because not just that stress can also cause acne, it can slowly kill you. Love your self more and make sure to get enough sleep every night your skin really needs it!